Most TV, projector or audio installations are pretty much the same, no matter where they are, right? Not really! Although the equipment itself may be used in various environments, there are other aspects to a commercial installation that differ from what is typically done in a residential setting.


Let’s begin with the home installation scenario. Your TV is mounted to the wall above the fireplace with wires neatly concealed inside the wall cavity. Home theater speakers are installed into your walls for a flush, unobtrusive look. The electronics are neatly wired into your A/V furniture or a media closet nearby. All that is left to do now is choose what you’re going to watch and which flavor of popcorn you need to prepare. Once your system is set up, things do not change much – at least not for a long time, usually. You don’t typically rearrange your seating every few days, or add and remove sources on a regular basis. A properly installed system will provide years of entertainment, just like the day it was first turned on.


Now we shall move on to a conference room scenario. The desired location for the display device might not accommodate simple installation with a typical residential-style stud wall. Perhaps this TV will be attached to an articulated ceiling mount, allowing it to swivel and pivot for optimal presentation to the attendees. Unlike your living room, we may not have perfect places to put the speakers, so other available installation opportunities have to be utilized. Commercial environments must also be receptive to a variety of sources. In addition to amplification and a common component such as a DVD player, organizers often need to connect computers, microphones or other devices to the system. At times, the entire A/V solution has to interface with a teleconferencing, paging or public address network, adding a new layer of functionality and required configuration. As you can see, this brings an entirely different menu to the table.


The right way to set up a conference room, corporate boardroom or other commercial venue is to involve a professional integrator in the process. At Sevens Home Theater, our experience in commercial installation is manifest in conference rooms, offices, bars, restaurants, stores, schools, studios and other establishments across the region. Equipped with knowledge and the right tools for every job, we will ensure that your project is realized quickly, functions exactly as needed and meets all of your performance expectations.