In the era of binge-watching Netflix and on-demand movie streaming services, it’s easy to forget that not so long ago, TV wasn’t always easy to watch. Although younger generations may never know the struggle, many of us can recall the days of adjusting the rabbit ears on your television to get the picture just right. If you layered the aluminum foil just so, you could watch the big game with only a little static.


Now you can watch “The Good Place” anytime you want with video streaming, but local channels can still come in handy. In this post, our Minnesota home theater experts at Seven’s Home Theater discuss why you might need an off-air antenna, and how we can help.


Receiving Local Channels

If you’re not receiving local channels, you might be missing out. Although many viewers today mainly stick to streaming web video, you can still receive quite a few local channels if you have the right equipment. In fact, there are 17 HD channels in the Twin Cities area that can only be accessed with an off-air antenna. By adding a roof-mounted antenna or attic antenna to your home, you can receive these channels.


A local antenna also offers these benefits:


●        Better AM/FM reception

●        Emergency information

●        TV if your video service or Internet is offline


Creating Your Unique Viewing Package

In the past, cable packages were the biggest source of viewing for most homeowners. As streaming video services have increased in popularity, homeowners have begun to cut the cord and leave cable behind. Instead, they’re customizing their own viewing packages by choosing a few video streaming services they love based on the content they prefer to view.


Adding the ability to view local over-the-air channels is a perfect complement to video services for cord-cutters. By pairing local channels with on-demand video, you keep access to major networks like CBS, ABC, and NBC. By doing this, you don’t have to sacrifice access to local and national news and other over-the-air content when you give up cable.


Surprisingly Good Quality

Cable cutters turning to over-the-air video are surprised to learn that what they can receive with an antenna is vastly improved from the snowy over-air TV of yesteryear. The quality of high-definition local networks can also offer a terrific viewing option for homeowners who don’t subscribe to any video channels.


If you’ve been relying on cable for access to network stations, your video may have been more compressed than what you would get over the air. Networks are also offering syndications of TV shows that aren’t always found on streaming video channels.


Minnesota Home Theater Installation Experts

If you’re joining the ranks of millions of American cord-cutters, you’re in good company. With all of the viewing options out there today, it’s easier than ever to break away from the limited viewing options of cable.


By having an antenna installed by our Minnesota home theater team, you’ll get access to high-quality channels even when you’re offline. Connect with our home theater pros at Seven’s Home Theater by calling us at 763-420-1070, or contact us for your free quote.