Few things have the power to bring together friends and family like a great story. There’s nothing quite like sitting down for a movie marathon, the smell of warm popcorn in the air and your favorite people gathered together on the sofa. But if you’re watching on a small television or with poor surround sound, it can detract from the show. Whether you’re finally sitting down to watch the entire Marvel series or you’re binging Netflix, having a great home theater system can elevate your viewing to the next level.


At Seven’s Home Theater, our home theater installation experts love helping Minnesota homeowners create home theater systems that bring families together. That’s why we’ve put together this guide to creating the ultimate home theater system for your home.


1.      Surround Sound Receiver Channels

To get the surround sound that elevates your viewing experience, you’ll need more than a 2.1 channel system. That’s because a subwoofer combined with two speakers doesn’t provide the proper depth to give your home theater system the surround sound theater experience. We’ll set up your surround sound to create the complete theater experience so it will feel just like Chris Pratt is taming dinosaurs in your living room.


2.      Speaker and Receiver Wattage

When it comes to speakers and receivers, you probably already know that higher watts mean higher volume. Your speaker and receiver wattage need to match so your speakers don’t get damaged.


That’s why it’s key to purchase your receiver first before you buy your speakers and understand how they’ll work together. Even if this sounds a bit complicated, don’t worry. We understand power ratings and receiver power output and can help create the best speaker setup for your theater.


3.      Widescreen High Definition Television

The TV is the centerpiece of your home theater. A widescreen TV lets you view a film in the original theatrical format it was intended to be shown in. If you’re still using an older TV set, it’s time to upgrade to widescreen to get the full experience.


Along those same lines, HDTV is quickly becoming the standard viewing option for television. Watching your favorite show or game in high def brings your viewing to the next level. The number of programs originally broadcast in high definition is growing, and high def television sets are far more affordable than they once were.


Minnesota Home Theater Installation Experts

If you’re still watching The Bachelor on an outdated TV set without a surround sound system, it’s time to upgrade your living room and change your viewing experience. With an in-wall home theater installation, we’ll tuck all of your wires out of sight and out of mind so you can focus on the show. We can mount as many as seven speakers in a room so you get the full effect whether your families is defeating Kylo Ren or Lord Voldemort.


Our Minnesota home theater installers at Seven’s Home Theater can also program your remotes while we’re there. Speak with our home theater installation team at 763-420-1070, or contact us to get a free quote.