It’s finally time for summer fun, and if you’re like many Minnesotans, that means hitting the lake or campground in your RV. Or perhaps your summer plans involve heading out on an outstretched highway on the great American road trip. No matter what your summer plans are, the only thing better than having a comfy RV to hit the road in this summer is having your favorite amenities with you while you’re out on the road.


At Seven’s Home Theater, our home theater pros service both homes and RVs. Here are a few reasons it’s a good idea to let us upgrade your camper TV before you take off for your summer vacay this year.


1.      Surround Sound Makes it Better

When you’re making big plans for campfire cookouts and days at the beach, it can be easy to forget that sometimes you have downtime. When it’s time to relax, a movie night is just the ticket sometimes, and nothing makes movie night better than quality surround sound. We can install surround sound to your existing RV theater system. That way, when Harry’s showdown with Voldemort starts, you’ll get the full effect of what it’s like to go head-to-head with He Who Shall Not Be Named.


2.      The Big Game Deserves Hi-Def

Sure, you love spending time with your family. But when your road trip coincides with an important golf tournament or soccer match, that doesn’t have to mean getting stuck with a fuzzy picture. We can upgrade your TV so when you’re out on the lake, you can still catch every detail of Tiger’s swing.


3.      It’s All About That Bass

Even if you’ve got a good speaker system installed in your camper, if you don’t have a subwoofer, it may feel like your movie experience is missing something. A subwoofer gives you the perfect bass sound for an audio experience that you would expect from a high-end home stereo system.


4.      You Can Only Take So Many Cartoons

Maybe you like to think of yourself as a cool parent who can totally get down with some Gravity Falls. But rainy days can happen, and that’s where audio zoning can be a lifesaver. Audio zoning means you can create completely different speaker zones in your camper. In other words, you can enjoy Outlander while the kids catch up on Steven Universe. It’s the next best thing to world peace!


Minnesota Home Theater Installation Experts

The sun is shining high in the sky, and the road is stretched out before you. That’s why it’s nice to know once you’ve set up your awning and grilled some succulent ribs, you can chill out with a top-of-the-line entertainment system.


Talk to your Minnesota home theater experts over at Seven’s Home Theater to create a stereo system your whole family will love all summer long. Connect with our home theater installation professionals at 763-420-1070, or contact us for your free estimate.