With all of the streaming video options available today, millions of Americans are choosing to drop cable altogether and switch to streaming video services. Although cutting the cord can be exciting, it can also come with an unexpected frustration: managing all of those new remote controls! Fortunately, SevenAV can help you simplify your remote controls so you can fully enjoy your streaming video.

When you schedule a connected home theater installation, we offer remote programming services as an add-on so you can stop trying to keep track of all those remotes! Here’s what you need to know.

Too Many Remote Controls

The key to cutting the cord and taking advantage of streaming video is adding an additional device to access streaming video services. Depending on your setup, you may even end up adding a couple of devices.

These are just a few ways viewers can access streaming video content:

●        Blu-ray player

●        Roku

●        Apple TV

●        Chromecast

●        Gaming console

It can be a lot of fun navigating all of the exciting streaming video content available. But when you want to switch to your over-the-air channels, it can be difficult to figure out which remote control to use or even find the right one. If you’re like many viewers, you may even have a small basket set aside just to keep track of all of your remote controls. When several family members use your home theater, it might even be necessary to label your remotes so everyone can remember which remote to use for each device.

The problem with this approach is that you have to count on every family member to put each remote back where it goes every time. And if you have a visitor who wants to change the channel, showing them how to use your remote system can be like teaching a college lecture.

Without a universal remote, your home theater may require as many as three or more remotes:

●        The television remote that turns on the TV, changes the input, and operates the volume

●        Your Roku, Blu-ray, or streaming video remote

●        Your stereo remote to turn on the stereo system

Thankfully, our home theater installation pros at SevenAV can hook you up with an easy-to-use multi-purpose programmable remote to make life easier! We offer four different remote control programming packages from a remote that operates up to four devices to a remote that can be programmed for as many as 12 devices. With one easy-to-use remote, you’ll be able to operate every device in your home theater system!

Ham Lake, MN Home Theater Installation and Remote Programming

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