Restaurants and bars offer people a venue to dine out or enjoy cocktails with friends and family. Depending on the setting, entertainment might range from soft, ambient background music in an upscale café, to multiple television displays and more robust audio in a sports-oriented establishment. Guests can enjoy various types of entertainment while they visit, and some destinations even have provisions for karaoke or occasional live performances.  

It all begins in the planning stage, whether the project is a new construction or an upgrade to an existing facility. Most systems generally consist of audio and video distribution equipment, speakers and display screens. Wiring infrastructure is generally designed around the electronics that will be deployed, and is essential to bringing any such system to life. Commercial installation solutions come in all shapes and sizes, and many of the technical details are dictated by environmental variables such as size, acoustic properties, architectural layout, seating arrangements and expected occupancy of the location.

Half a century ago, a small diner or soda shop might have a Philco tube radio on a shelf or the counter, and that was your entertainment!  Installation involved plugging it into AC power and perhaps adjusting the antennae for optimal reception. Today, both technology and people’s entertainment expectations have grown exponentially. It is not uncommon to find multiple sporting events playing out simultaneously on different screens in a sports bar, with popular music in the background, and even entirely different audio in certain, separate areas. Televisions can also serve multiple purposes, including interactive trivia, menu selections or company advertising.

Installing and ensuring that all of these components operate reliably and exactly as intended is often a job best done by professionals, like our team here at Sevens Home Theater. Although the connections and configurations may be complex, the user interface must be intuitive and easy to operate. In any successful food service and entertainment enterprise, the employees will nearly always be busy; there is no time for pulling out instruction manuals to figure out how things should work.  We can set up the entire system, no matter how elaborate, to operate with the use of a single remote control unit or wall-mounted keypad.

With years of experience and expertise that make us the authority in bar audio and video installations in the area, Sevens Home Theater and TV Installs can start by providing a free estimate for the work you need done, and conclude by joining you for a beverage while the new, awesome entertainment system amazes your guests!