Home Theater” is a home entertainment set-up that seeks to reproduce a movie theater experience in a private home. Typically it involves a display of some type, an audio/video receiver at the heart of the system, and a complement of speakers which can be free-standing, in-ceiling, in-wall or a combination of several depending on the space in which they are being installed.  

The first step in the installation process of your home theater system is a consultation regarding the type of equipment involved and the best location for all of the components in order to maximize performance, provide the desired aesthetics and amaze you each time you sit down to enjoy a movie. Aside from the most logical location for the gear that drives your system, speaker placement is the most crucial element of a great sounding home theater.  Not every living room is a perfect, rectangular room with your primary seat in just the right spot, some handy sound treatments on the walls, and speakers evenly spaced to create that perfect acoustic configuration.  Most home theaters cohabitate with our living room furniture, fireplaces, windows, pictures on the walls, and asymmetrical seating that fits the lifestyle of the home’s occupants. True expertise in home theater installation shows when the full potential of your system can still be realized in an otherwise imperfect environment.  

Seven's Home Theater & TV Installs, serving the Minneapolis and St. Paul area, offers a wide variety of installation options for any home theater system. Depending on whether the home is under construction or already finished and being lived in, our experts can either pre-wire the new structure or install wiring into the existing home, concealed in a manner that would suggest it was part of the house from the very beginning.

Understanding the complex acoustic characteristics of a home theater set-up allows us to determine the optimal placement of speakers, and gives us the knowledge required to work with varying room geometries and real-life preferences that our clients may have. Once the installation is complete, we verify that everything is functioning perfectly, instruct you in the operations of your new entertainment system, and confirm that you are satisfied with the performance of the equipment.  

Seven's is your go-to resource for the installation of various electronics into your home.  Our experienced, courteous staff helps bring enjoyment into people’s lives – a task we enjoy, and one that we are very good at!