Home theater installation isn’t difficult, and it’s entirely rewarding. If you’re ready for a great audio system hookup, a powerful TV installation and great acoustics, you’ve come to the right place. Homeowners deserve immersive technology, and modern electronics have made flat panel TV installation simple. Bluetooth and wireless displays are simple to coordinate, and a comfortable couch arrangement, easy to establish.

Let’s take a look at your home theater setup guide, step by step.


Step One: Determine Your Space

Before anything, you’ll need to “map out” your home theater location. Sure, flat panel TV mounts can go on any wall, but a wall TV installation requires proper planning and space allocation. Scope out your room’s dimensions, and determine which wall will contain your base units. Remember: Don’t put your TV installation against a wall with a window, or outdoor light will ruin the sight. 


Step Two: Connect the TV Installation Signals

So, you’ve obtained the Blu-ray player, the sound system and the flat panel TV. Now, it’s time to establish connection signals. Fortunately, modern technology isn’t as “cord heavy” as in previous years. Creating signal flow is easy, once you’ve installed the important utilities.

Signal flow is obtained by determining your “source components”. Source components are Blu-ray players, DVD players. These components should always be sourced to your TV installation, as the TV carries these systems’ output. 


Step Three: Connect the Audio Signals

Similar to visual components, your audio components will need to be sourced correctly. Your flat panel TV should be sourced into a separate audio system—if you have one—as the audio system will harness the TV’s “output” flow. Any additional speakers and subwoofer should be connected to the main audio system.

Step Four: Place the Furniture and Enjoy 

Once you’ve established connectivity, you’ll be able to incorporate the love seat, the chairs, the couch and coffee table. Place them away from the main system by approximately fifteen feet—depending upon flat panel TV screen size. When you’ve found your home theater’s “sweet spot”, you’ll be ready to enjoy!