The concept of replicating a movie theater experience in your home is not new. For many years, people have been installing home theater equipment of every imaginable type in their homes, ranging from a basic receiver and five speakers to dedicated rooms with equipment that rivals any entertainment venue out there.

Installation complexity varies relative to the type of theater being installed. Some configurations call for nothing more than on-wall speaker wire conduits to create a connection to free-standing or wall-mounted loudspeakers, while others require wiring to be concealed inside the wall, routed through attics or basements, and installation of speakers into the walls or ceilings themselves.

Can an in-wall theater system be installed in any home or in any room? The answer depends on a multitude of variables. Here are some considerations that must be evaluated first:

  1. Where is the central home theater source and amplification equipment relative to the speaker locations?
  2. What are the optimum locations for all of your in-wall speakers?
  3. Does any type of access exist to get wires into finished walls, such as an unfinished basement, attic or crawlspace?
  4. Are there any obstructions in the desired in-wall speaker locations such as ductwork, studs or other structural elements?
  5. Will speakers or speaker cables potentially interfere with electrical wiring, plumbing, heating/cooling or ventilation?
  6. Can the geometry and acoustic properties of the room help or hinder the performance of your in-wall theater system?
  7. How will an in-wall speaker configuration get along with the rest of your room décor (artwork, furniture, window treatments etc)?

The answers to these questions may determine both the feasibility and desirability of investing in an in-wall theater and installation. Some homes or rooms may simply not be conducive to in-wall components while for others, it may be the best possible solution. Once a decision is made to proceed, Sevens Home Theater has the expertise and experience to complete the job to the highest standards. Not only will your home theater look great, it will sound spectacular as well. With the help of remote control set-up and programming, it will also be easy to use, making it enjoyable for everyone. Contact us with any questions or ideas you may have and our experts will be happy to help!