Few things are more exciting than experiencing the open road in an RV. Whether you’re traveling alone or taking your family across the countryside for the great American road trip, a recreational vehicle can provide many rewarding and fun experiences. But when you take to the open road, there’s nothing like a great audio system to enhance your trip.


Whether you’re grilling at a campsite or kicking up tunes while rolling down the highway, great music can really add to your experience. At Seven’s Home Theater, we understand exactly what it takes to give you the best possible RV audio system for your money. We’ve put together this guide to give you the top ideas for upgrading your RV’s audio system.


1.      Subwoofers and Surround Sound- When you spend a lot of time on the road in your RV, you might find yourself wanting to enjoy a movie with your family. We can install a surround sound system so that you can enjoy the thrill of a home theater system even when you’re on the road. We can also install subwoofers to add the perfect touch to your audio system. There’s no need to skip out on quality sound when you’re traveling in a camper or RV.


2.      High-Quality Awning System- If you love the idea of enjoying tunes while you hang out at your campsite, an awning system may be right for you. Turn your awning into the perfect party zone with a high-quality awning speaker system. Our experts can install a system that will be safe from the elements. Whether you’re cooking hot dogs or chilling in your favorite chair enjoying the scenery, the sound system will be perfect.


3.      Audio Zoning- If you’ve ever been on the road with kids or teens, you probably understand the true value of audio zoning. Audio zoning allows you to create distinct speaker zones within your RV. This means when you are hanging out at your campsite in the rear bedroom, your kids can be watching the latest Disney flick up front. Audio zoning helps you create a space everyone can enjoy.


Minnesota Audio and TV Installation Experts

If you’re ready to give your RV the audio system it deserves, we can help get you started. Whether you’re into thumping bass or just want a great system to go along with your TV, we know what it takes to create excellent sound quality. We can help your camper reach its true potential. Give us a call at 763-420-1070 to learn more about what we can do for your RV, or contact us to schedule a free estimate.