It should come as no surprise that people expect the best sound to come from their home theater speakers. However, many tend to drop serious amounts of money on their new home theater speakers to only have the same audio outcome as their previous speakers.

So why are some speaker systems leaving the same results for certain individuals - regardless of the money spent? Well, sometimes the issue isn't with the speakers, it's with the people who are installing them on their own. Thankfully, we're going to explain why your speakers are underperforming and what to do about it.

Arrange Your Seating Properly

When setting up your home theater seating arrangement, don't put the chairs too close to the speakers or the walls. When it comes to putting a chair near a speaker, make sure the chair is at least four feet away from the speaker. When it comes to putting your chairs against the walls, don't do it. If you put your chairs against a wall (specifically a back wall), it can create excessive localization, make your bass boom, or reduce the effectiveness of your speakers. So before you install your speakers, make sure your chairs are arranged for what you're installing.

Have The Right Amount Of Subwoofers

You might not be getting the sound you want because you don't have enough subwoofers. For instance: If you have one front row of seating, you'll need two subwoofers. For every row of seating you have, you'll need two subwoofers. A mega subwoofer will simply not suffice because it won't provide smooth bass. The dips and peaks in the sound will frequently take you out of the entertainment experience. So to hear consistent bass, make sure your subwoofers are placed in mode-cancelling arrangements.

Trap Your Bass

Once you've set up your room correctly for your speakers, you'll need bass trapping for controlling your room modes. Although they take up quite a bit of space, a deep fiberglass trap is inexpensive and effective. If you're looking to spend a bit more money on trapping bass, look into wall absorption so that the room doesn't have echoes or dead spots. It's likely that you won't need a whole lot of absorption if you have theater seats and wall-to-wall carpeting.

Considering the information above, there's quite a few ways one can improve the sound of your speakers. Thankfully, Seven's  Home Theater is here to help you get the most from your sound at a great price. Contact us today for more information!