Because newer televisions are so slim and compact, it makes it easy to install them practically anywhere in your living room. With this new flexibility comes indecision. Where exactly should you mount your television? Here are some tips for choosing the best location for your TV installation.


Think About Distance

You want your TV to be a comfortable distance from seated areas like tables or couches. Most people choose to place their TV about nine feet from their seats. However, this is too far away to tell the difference between 1080p and 720p. Put your TV a bit closer to have a more immersive experience and notice finer details. Generally, a 40 inch screen should have a viewing distance between five to 8.5 feet. Obviously, the bigger the TV, the further back you want to be.


Think About Height

Ideally, your television should be at eye level when you're viewing it, with your head in line with the middle of the screen. This helps to prevent neck strain and injury from tilting up or down to see it. Unfortunately, this might mean you might want to avoid placing it over the fireplace, even if it is convenient. Instead, try mounting it to the side of the fireplace.


Think About Viewing Angle

Unless your couch is directly in front of a blank wall, you might have to view your TV at a slight angle. To compensate for this, be sure to use a mounting device that allows you to adjust the tilt and position of the TV at will. This will make things much more comfortable if you decide to sit in a different location than usual.


Think About Windows

One of the most annoying things that can happen when watching TV is getting an obfuscating glare on the screen. This can be especially prevalent if you place your TV next to a window or across from a west-facing window. Try to choose a dark corner so that the TV won't have any lighting reflections. This will save your eyes a lot of strain and make it easier to see. 


Regardless of where you choose to place your TV, we can help make the process painless and easy. We offer a variety of TV installation services, including tabletop installation, standard and advanced wall tv mounting, and even above-fireplace mounting. Just give us a call to schedule your install appointment.