Home theaters provide an outlet for home entertainment, family time, and entertaining guests. However, if done incorrectly, it won't function the way you want it to and it won't provide the benefit you desire. The experts at Seven's Home Theater are experienced in home theater installation, flat panel TV installation, and installing flat panel TV mounts, but they want you to be happy with the finished effect. Take a look at a few of the choices you need to make to get the custom home experience you are looking for. 


Hind Sight

You don't want to wait until the TV is installed to find out that you are too close or too far away to enjoy your viewing experience. How do you decide where the television should be for optimum viewing? It has to be far enough away to get the best image and viewing experience but close enough that you don't miss any details or feel like you are sitting in the top row of a stadium.


Suggested measurements for home viewing, based on the size of your television:

  • 60 inch screens: six to nine feet from the television.
  • 50 inch screens: five to seven and a half feet from the television.
  • 40 inch screens: four to six feet from the screen.
  • 35 inch screens: three and a half to five feet from the screen. 

Avoid Neck Strain

Yes, placing your television over your fireplace is fashionable and elegant but how will your neck feel about it? Make sure you talk to Seven's Home Theater about the optimal height and angle for television installation over the fireplace. Many fireplaces are too high to provide a comfortable viewing experience, making the viewer's neck sit in odd positions. Your Seven's installers can advise on the optimal viewing angle (between 15 to 35 degrees) for the perfect experience. 


Surround Yourself With Sound

Finally, your home theater should bring your viewing experience to life with vibrant, HD quality sound but this won't happen with the wrong components. While Seven's Home Theater are skilled professionals at TV and home theater installations, they want to know you are happy with their work. Ask about these components to make sure you get the best experience possible:

  • Power amplifiers
  • Speaker stands (for perfect speaker placement) 
  • Subwoofers

If you want a home theater but need estimates and information first, contact Seven's Home Theater with questions or for a quote today!