Incorporating the Internet with Your Home Theater: Pros & Cons

Learn about the pros and cons that come with incorporating the Internet with your home theater. 

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Childproofing Your Home Theater System

If you're trying to create a home theater system in a household with children, you may need to consider safety as well as convenience. 

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Flat-Screen TV Mounts: What To Look For

What to look for when purchasing a flat-screen television mount. 

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Fitting a Larger Television Over a Fireplace or Mantel

Your entire room is pointing towards the fireplace -- but it's too small an area to place the TV you want. What can you do to make the perfect home theater?

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Installing a Curved TV in Your Home Theater

Do you want the best, most immersive experience for your home theater? You might want to consider the many advantages of a curved TV.

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Installing a TV in Your Bar or Restaurant: Tips for a Clean Installation

Adding a television to your bar or restaurant is a great way to draw people in, especially when there's a big game on. But how can you install a television or restaurant without disrupting the rest of your customers? Here are a few things that you should know.

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Mounting a TV: What to Look for When Deciding on Placement

Today, most HDTVs (with increasingly thin screen panels) come with mounting options that allow you to position the TV on an available wall space. That's good news for most homeowners with limited living room space who need that perfect spot! But a TV wall installation still requires a little forethought to make sure everything works out for your entertainment system. Here's what you need to consider before you start drilling holes!

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5 Key Points to Keep in Mind When Positioning a New TV

If you are planning a new entertainment system or simply buying a new TV, you have the perfect opportunity to place your screen exactly where it needs to be for maximum clarity, brightness, and color. This is even more important these days as people start upgrading to 4K and OLED screens that benefit even more from careful placement. To help out, here are four things to remember when choosing a TV spot.

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Smart Remotes: Why People Love Them

Let's face it; we're always looking for ways to make our lives easier. Thankfully, smart remotes are the product that has been making waves in the remote market since their introduction. Since there are several different capabilities available at your disposal when it comes to smart remotes, we're going to give you a glimpse into why people continue to purchase smart remotes for their home from us at Seven’s Home Theater.

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Maximizing Your Room's Acoustic Qualities

When it comes to acoustic treatment, utilizing your living room’s best aspects can accentuate and provide a richer sound. Understanding how sound travels throughout a room can completely change your home’s auditory experience. Before getting started with acoustic treatment, however, it’s a good idea to understand basic room acoustics.

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